Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cradle Cap

Much to my dismay, my son has it. After reading that massaging baby oil into your child's head helps, I had to try it. The results were not as I expected them to be. During Andrew's next bath I massaged in the baby oil and then shampooed his hair very carefully. When his hair dried, there a few less flakes but the baby oil left an oily residue. During the next bath, I washed his hair twice after the baby oil. That didn't help either. Which is better - the cradle cap or the oily hair?!?!? I just know that someone is going to criticize me that I am not washing my son's hair. After all, what would you think if you constantly saw a child with oily hair. As I said before my son has a LOT of hair. The abundance of hair does cover some of the flakes in the scalp but the baby oil makes it look disgusting.
Anyway - my doctor suggested using a dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders or Selsun Blue. My amazing husband went out that same day and bought Selsun Blue. My husband and I were nervous to use it at first but we just made sure to be very careful not to get any shampoo into Andrew's eyes. We have now used it a couple of times and definitely see an improvement in the amount of flakes. In addition, Andrew's hair looks soft and beautiful once again. YAY :-)
Anybody else have any cradle cap stories or any other remedies that work?


Dawn said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, and welcome to the blogging world! :)

your son sounds beautiful :)

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You.

Leeann said...

Put on oil or shampoo and take a soft toothbrush (new, of course!) or a baby hair brush and scrub his head. Scrub all around, front to back, in little circles. 5 minutes or so, twice a day, and he should be fine!
Welcome to blogging! I look forward to more from you!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

We did it with olive oil. It worked well enough. It didn't get rid of all of it, but most of it. We rubbed it in in the afternoon and then used a soft comb to loosen the flakes and then washed it out that night. I never heard about the toothbrush before, that is a GREAT suggestion. I hope it doesn't come back for you! And congrats on your son!!

TeaMouse said...

When our kids were babies we used to use the baby lotion with oil and it worked really great at keeping cradle cap away.

Meghan said...

When my Daughter Chloe had cradle cap I did exactly what you did which left her with an oily head and her scalp was still flakey. My friend recommended I try Original Sprouts Two in One Hair and Body Wash, which cleared up her kids cradle cap right away. She should be the expert with 20 kids...well really just 5. I got it and it worked within two washes. You should check it out they might have free samples!